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⁠Buy high speed steel, U.P steel corporation, house of alloy steel, steel traders in kolkata, buy HSS or HS, commonly used as a cutting tool material. High Speed Steels can be produced either by conventional route or by powder metallurgy. It is often used in power saw blades and drill bits. It can withstand higher temperatures without loosing its temper(hardness). Its characteristics properties include : high working harndess, high wear hardness, excellent toughness, high retention of hardness and red hardness, steel traders, U.P steel located in kolkata. Dalhousie, strand road, iron and steel suppliers, steel traders, steel mart, house of alloy steel. High-strength low-alloy steel (HSLA) is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties or greater resistance to corrosion than carbon steel.
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C45 is a medium carbon steel grade offering reasonable tensile strength. Supplied in the cold drawn or hot rolled condition, tensile properties may vary but are approximately between 500-800 N/mm². C45 is widely used for components that require better properties than mild steel but does not justify the costs of an alloy steel. C45 round bar steel is equivalent to EN8 or 080M40.
EN19 steel suppliers and wholesalers. EN19 is suitable for applications with very high loading such as engine gear boxes. Popular in the automotive sector it is possible to machine the material extremely accurately, in recent years EN19 has become an established material in the Oil & Gas sector. The material lends itself well to any application where strength is a primary consideration. It is a high quality alloy engineering steel. Typical Applications: Automotive gears and parts Shafts Towing pins Load bearing tie rods Oil & Gas industry applications.
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